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Kayak Security Screw Kit
for Zet kayaks
RRP: £12.99
NOW: £10.99
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Product Description

Stainless Steel Anti-Tamper Security Screw Kit

This kit consists of 10x anti-tamper screws which have a special Torx head, together with a special allen key to do/undo them.

You can use this kit to replace the standard screws on the grab bars of your zet kayak so you can then lock it to something secure.

The screws are made from A2 stainless steel.

Please note: these machine screws can only be undone with the special allen key included. Theoretically a thief could have one of these keys themselves, however supply is restricted and they are far less likely to have one of these than a regular hexagonal allen key.

The price includes free delivery.



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