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Team Paddlers

The following people form part of Zet's group of UK team paddlers:

Mark Allen - professional kayakerMark Allen - Lead Paddler

Mark started kayaking at the age of 10 with The Sea Scouts in Exeter. He quickly became hooked and kayaking became his way of life. When he was 13 that he started to explore the white water rivers of Dartmoor and Exmoor. During his late teens Mark worked and travelled through UK and Europe working at various outdoor education centres on the way.

Mark has paddled extensively in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Norway. Nepal, Ecuador and Chile are lined up for 2013 – 2014 plus the now yearly trip to Val Sesia, Italy – The finest creaking destination in Europe.

In 2009 Mark stated www.kayakguide.co.uk which is a guiding company based on Dartmoor with trips throughout Europe. Mark enjoys nothing more than helping people on the river.

Mark likes to attend the many different UK / European events with The Zet demo fleet.




Nick Pearce - Team Paddler

Nick has been kayaking for about 6 years, since leaving college and has used kayaking and rafting as a way to travel. Nick has managed trips to France, Norway and Chile as well as many a trip up to Scotland.

On big trips Nick enjoys travelling to new places and exploring remote rivers. He finds there is nothing better that being in the bottom of a remote canyon somewhere with just your mates.

Nick also enjoys enjoy creek racing having competed in the head to head races in Voss and as many UK races that he can get to when in the country. This year he aims to compete in all the races in the Norway season.




Ross Montandon - team paddler

Ross Montandon is one of the youngest and highest-qualified coaches on the rivers here in the UK.

His love of paddling has taken him across Europe, Nepal, Uganda, Morocco, Canada, New Zealand, the Grand Canyon and much more!

Ross is also is a former British Freestyle Champion and has competed on the British Freestyle Team.

He can be found on the rivers where he runs his coaching business www.newwavecoaching.co.uk.


Dave Burne



Dave Burne - Team Paddler

Dave's first boating experience was on a loch in Scotland at just 3 weeks old.

Growing up in a boating family meant regular trips to Scotland and Wales, and to the Alps and Pyrenees. He celebrated his 17th birthday during his first major trip oversees to British Columbia.

Since then he has played the big waves of the Zambezi and White Nile and creeked the steep rivers of Norway and California.

But he enjoys expedition paddling the most.

Dave was the youngest member of the 2007 British Universities Kayaking Expedition to Siberia and Mongolia, where some awesome first descents were made (www.fourbordersexpdition.com ).

He was also part of a successful expedition to Tajikistan in 2010 which involved a lot of walk-ins, a donkey called Shakira, and a shed load of bribery! http://vimeo.com/23165835 ... and also some class rivers and rapids!

Now a 23 year old medical student, he spends his time balancing studies with work, kayaking, and planning his next adventure.

In 2011 he sought out rapids and waterfalls in the largely unexplored (as a kayaking destination) island of Sri Lanka.

And without a doubt Dave’s finest achievement is retaining the Old Skool title at the National Student Rodeo - hailed as the biggest rodeo in the world...

Callum StrongJamie Conn - Team Paddler

Hailing from the sunny hills of South West England, Jamie grew up begging for lifts to Devon’s finest moorland rivers. He learnt his low-brace on the Exe weirs before progressing onto classics such as the Erme, the East Lyn and the infamous Upper Dart, which is so good that he still won’t shut up about it.

Over the last few years, Jamie has ventured further afield to some of the best destinations in Europe and explored first descents in Ethiopia and India. Having now finished his degree, he is on a semi-permanent break from the real world working for an outdoor magazine in Delhi in order to fund kayaking exploits around the world.

Lee Royle

Lee Royle - Team Paddler

Lee started kayaking at an early age, and hasn’t really stopped since. He grew up in the Thames valley, and moved on to paddling round the rest of the UK and further abroad from there.

He did a degree at Loughborough Uni, where he was able to paddle nearly every day, and get involved in many aspects of paddlesport. Being close to Holme Pierrepont he got quite involved with playboating, but whenever the opportunity arose, he was off down a “proper” river with whoever else was around.

He's now working as a Chemical Engineer in varying locations, but still gets out in a boat whenever there’s water (or not, as the case usually is). Whitewater paddling is his main raison d'être, as there’s nothing like the buzz from paddling something hard, whilst being in spectacular places with others who enjoy the same thing. He also likes to get involved in extreme races, and usually spends as much of the summer as he can in Norway, where there’s everything you could want, although plans to head further afield are afoot...

Ted Piper - Team Paddlerted piper

At the Age of 7 young Edward (Ted) Ted Piper had his first paddle of a kayak on Loch Etive while on a family holiday. Little did he know, at that tender age, that he would be back to surf the Falls of Lora flowing out of the loch some years later.
He grew up in the Thames valley where, on return from his holiday, he joined the local canoe club in Henley who swayed him towards slalom and marathon racing. And it was not until he moved to Lancaster at the age of 18 that he found the pleasures of 'real' rivers - from then on, things got a little out of hand.

Ted has toured the globe kayaking in Nepal, New Zealand, Canada, the jungles of Madagascar and of course Europe (pretty much most of it).

In whitewater mythology it is claimed that Ted has paddled with every whitewater paddler in the UK. Anthopological studies caried out by the University of Newcastle in 2008 discovered a single degree of separation from Ted Piper for all UK paddlers; if you haven't paddled with him - you know someone who has.