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Zet Toro Creekboat | Zet Toro
Product Description

The Zet Toro high volume creekboat / creek boat

about the most bombproof big creekboat in existence

The Zet Toro is an extension of the Zet creekboat range but rather than simply create a Raptor XL it has been designed as a completely new boat. Having said that it does share many of the same features as the Raptor.

Displacement hull with just enough edge

The Zet Toro creek boat has a displacement hull that is stable and easy to roll but has just enough edge to help you carve into tight eddies

Very fast hull with a nice amount of rocker

The high volume and length of the Director gives it a lot of straightline speed.

Variable hull thickness – Zelezny Technology - Zet Kayaks

Basically it is thicker in the hull and sides, to take impacts, and thinner on the front and rear decks. The result is you get the strongest kayak for the least weight. The Toro is the lightest boat in it's class.

No holes drilled around the cockpit

The Zet Toro has no holes drilled around the cockpit - so less water can creep in.

Front and rear buoyancy retention pillars

Front and rear buoyancy blocks are retained by a plastic pillar, so they cannot move out of position. The front also gives you somewhere to stick your drink.

Robust seating

Our seat is made from a solid moulded closed cell foam which has the following advantages: It does not have a spongy pad on top - so it's not like sitting in a puddle. It doesn't fall apart. And it keeps your bum warm when you are paddling.

Reduced DVT risk

The Director's foam seat does not restrict bloodflow to the legs. Paddlers who typically get these leg pains in other boats do not get them in Toro's.

The plastic carries a 2 year warranty

Zet Toro's come with a two year warranty against defective plastic in the hull. That doesn't mean you are guaranteed a creekboat that will take unlimited punishment for two years. It means if you get a problem because we made it wrong - we will repair or replace it.

The outfitting carries a 2 year warranty

We give our creek boat outfitting a two year warranty.

Free airbags*

All Zet Toro's come with their own airbags for use in the rear of the boat.


The Zet Director Creekboat in numbers

Length:                  268cm (8ft 9.5ins)
Width:                    68cm (26.5 ins)
Volume:                  360litres (80 UK gallons)
Cockpit Size:          91x51cm
Paddler weight:      80-120Kg (12.5st - 18.5st)
Weight of boat:      20kg (44lbs) tbc
Strong points:        5
Standard Colours: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
Special Colours:    Light Blue, Orange, Lime

*from certain individual UK retailers only

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